Good design brings your story to life.

People respond to good stories. Simple, smart, and professional design provides an engaging user experience on the Web and in print. Engaged users buy, read, donate, and act. Tony Ham Creative offers a full range of graphic design services that come with a high level of service to meet your needs. Click here to see our portfolio.



Tony Ham Creative will provide a website solution that is professional, easy to manage, and will use responsive design for mobile and tablet viewing. We can design and build e-commerce sites as well.


With many years of print design experience, Tony Ham Creative can meet all of your print collateral needs. Your project will be completed efficiently and accurately.


Your logo is crucial to making a positive first impression. Tony Ham Creative will help you create an attractive and distinctive logo to meet your standards.

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I've been working as a designer for over 20 years. I actually began using PageMaker and Photoshop way back in high school to layout the school newspaper and literary magazine. My designing days were interrupted by a stint as a biology major but I managed to return to pushing a mouse around and staring at a computer screen for a living.

I've been working as a designer in the real estate advertising field for most of my career. However, I have much experience designing promotional material for bands, wedding invitations, business cards, logos, and such. I was also the art director for a no-longer published, local bi-monthly food magazine through its existence.

The transition to designing for the Web was inevitable and has been an increasing portion of the work I do. I love the look of a beautiful, smartly-designed site and I embrace the challenge of building one. 

When I'm not at work, I'm spending time with my wife and 2 wonderful kids. I have just relocated from my beloved hometown of Chicago to the wonderful city of Sydney, Australia and look forward to new adventures that lie ahead while living abroad! I also love to travel, eat great food, drink great wine, spend time with friends and I love to cook. Cooking is such a passion of mine that I nearly changed careers to toil away in a hot kitchen for minimum wage. It was not to be and that's ok. I still cook frequently and have been documenting some of my recent adventures in cooking for my family at

Hopefully, as in life, this "about me" page will continue to grow. Thanks so much for stopping by! Drop me a line and let's discuss how I can help you with your project!